Reading Roald Dahl out loud should be required to decline MMR vax

The current calls for childhood vaccination can’t be overemphasized. Another great one by @DrJenGunter….

Dr. Jen Gunter

The impact of not vaccinating children based on “personal beliefs” (i.e. science denialism) has come home to roost. The measles outbreak is growing exponentially due to the large numbers of unvaccinated people coupled with the extreme contagious nature of the disease. It can live on surfaces for 2 hours and a lot of people can ride Peter Pan in that time frame (never mind the crammed line).

One of the main battle cries of anti-vaccine doctors and their acolytes is that the measles is no big deal, but they are wrong. Here’s the thing, medicine doesn’t invest time and effort in things that are no big deal. Prior to the measles vaccine 48,000 people were hospitalized annually in the United States and 450 died.

Let’s put the severity of 450 deaths a year in perspective. Over nine years 32 children died from drop side cribs, that’s 3-4 a…

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